• Shares the cost of your licence plate between all of the Provinces and States you might operate in.
  • Less expensive than buying trip permits.
  • We have knowledgeable staff to help you determine your best options when prorating a fleet or a single vehicle.

Tax Reporting:

  • Having an IFTA licence will reduce fuel costs if you travel outside the province;
  • No more buying fuel permits;
  • Our staff will help set up your IFTA account and provide ongoing help with IFTA reporting.

Safety Fitness
Certificates (SFC):

  • In Alberta you are either:
    - A Provincial Carrier which means you cannot leave the Province; or
    - A Federal Carrier which means you can leave the province.
  • Our staff can help determine which Safety Fitness status is right for you and help you obtain the correct status or change your current status should that be required.

Note: A Provincial Carrier cannot leave the province even if that carrier were able to buy permits in other provinces or states.

Travel to

  • Help get your USDOT number;
  • Help get your Motor Carrier Number (MC#);
  • Help get your EIN number;
  • Help set up Mileage Accounts where necessary;
  • Help with your mandatory Drug and Alcohol program;
  • Help set up your UCR single state registration;
  • Help with your HVUT filing;

Log Book

  • Required for Federal Carriers under section 87 of the Act;
  • We have the best, easiest to review reports in the industry;
  • Includes Driver Letters and Management Reports;
  • Will help increase compliance;
  • Our knowledgeable staff can answer all your Hours of Service (logbook) questions.

Written Safety &
Maintenance Programs:

  • Many companies have written programs; too oen they do not meet Alberta Transportation regulations.
  • Our cost eective programs meet all requirements, are easy to follow and will help meet your compliance needs.
  • Driver file booklets are an easy way to make sure your driver files are complete and that required evaluations are being done.
    - A simple, eective and inexpensive way to manage driver files.
  • Our pre-hire quiz will help you determine the knowledge level of potential hires. Our quiz tests current and potential hires in areas of; Hours of Service; Trip Inspections; Load Security and Safety Laws.
    - A simple, eective and inexpensive way to verify your drivers’ knowledge of the rules he/she has to follow.

Compliance and
Audit Assistance:

  • Bob Kohlman has been doing compliance audits and compliance appraisals since 1997. He knows his stu.
  • Being on monitoring is no fun. If your drivers are getting ticketed, points are adding up on your Carrier Profile. Too many tickets, collisions or poor roadside inspection results will trigger an audit.
  • Over the years Bob has developed easy to use tools that make compliance easy and fun.
  • If you have been audited, are about to be audited or just need help, contact Bob.

Design and Printing of Log Books
and Trip Inspection books:

  • A custom log and trip inspection book is a cost eective solution to help drivers complete a log and trip inspection form.
  • A custom form is designed with the driver in mind and is easy to read and use.